Patent Trends and the effects of Global warming

This article uses patent analytics to visualise some of the Patent Trends that are fighting some of the effects of global warming. The hottest 10 years on record have all been in the past 15 years

Patent Trends fighting against the impact of global warming

With denser populations and energy networks, cities suffer worst from the increase due to the heat island effect: The air temperature of a city with 1 million inhabitants can be between 1-3â—¦ C warmer than its surroundings.

Starting with a keyword search to look for reflective coatings, class codes for the technology area were identified along with additional keywords used to refine the search criteria. Using online patent tools allow multiple insights to be gained on the topic, showing the key players and jurisdictions involved in leading these technologies forward. Included amongst these results are patents for reflective glass-granule substrates to reflect light, weather-resistant coatings designed for use within solar paneling and stealth paint designed to hide spy craft from IF sensors. An excellent example of a patent describing technology to solve one problem that can be repurposed as a solution for an entirely different scenario is the Chinese patent application: CN20181172242 applied for in March this year.

Using Minesoft’s suite of patent searching tools, you can easily search for patents for a range of technologies and processes, including keeping your cool! Accessing this trove of potential solutions can help companies and governments gain insight into how others are tackling an issue to inform their own responses. With over 65 full-text collections including original non-Latin patent data, PatBase can provide access to all patent literature generated from these key jurisdictions.