Case Studies

Blockchain case study: A patent landscape

This case study takes Blockchain as its subject matter and demonstrates how unique features in PatBase can be used to create insightful patent landscapes and to accurately identify and understand results so that answers to strategic key questions.

This case study will demonstrate how any user can benefit from the innovative features and functionality in PatBase 2.0 and PatBase Analytics V3 to craft and present a meaningful patent landscape.

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Headphones case study: Effective and efficient patent landscaping


This case study takes headphones as its subject matter and demonstrates how unique features in PatBase can be used to create insightful patent landscapes and how PatBase Analytics can be used to effectively visualise the landscape, answering key questions like:

  • Is this a growing area of interest?
  • What are the fields of current interest?
  • Who are the key players?
  • Where are the key players filing their inventions?
  • Who are the “key opinion leaders” in this field?
  • What is the legal status of the patents in this landscape?


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Cybersecurity – A Patent Landscape Report


This case study describes how innovation in the field of Cybersecurity has grown at an astonishing rate over the last 10 years, and this is clearly shown in the patent trends associated with this space.

Cybersecurity has become a top concern for businesses worldwide. Taking advantage of the high-quality, comprehensive data available in PatBase, Patinformatic’s Tony Trippe and Minesoft’s James Gray have compiled this new report on global patenting trends in the Cybersecurity field.

The data has been analysed using:

  • PatBase Analytics V2 for an intensive analysis of the technology field
  • The comparison functionality to study filing trends by country, assignee and more…


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Cybersecurity – A tutorial guide


An additional document has been put together to show how users can further review, investigate and interact with the Cybersecurity patent landscape report in PatBase with the integrated Analytics V2 module.

This tutorial guide explains how to effectively use:

  • PatBase and Analytics V2
  • Reports showing concept clusters, top jurisdictions, assignee and more…
  • Various chart types -line, bar, 3D landscape and bubble matrix
  • The comparison functionality in Analytics V2

Whether you are a seasoned user, or if this is your first introduction to PatBase – this guide contains useful information, tips and advice.


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Patent Landscape Analysis in Six Simple Steps


Here are some key questions this whitepaper will answer for you:

  • Why are patent landscape searches so important to my business?
  • Where do I start when I define my search strategy?
  • What are some common goals and key questions that a landscape search may answer?
  • How do I optimize my patent landscape analysis?

In addition to answering these key questions, this report will give you useful tips to help simplify your patent landscape search methodology, which will enable you to save time and remain focused on your goals.

The world of patent information continues to grow, and patent search techniques are evolving and becoming more complex. As a result, a comprehensive patent landscape analysis can be both time-consuming and complicated – but Minesoft can help.


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Driverless Cars: PatBase tutorial

This tutorial uses the topic of driverless cars to show how the advanced features in PatBase can be used to create clean and reliable patent landscapes in an efficient manner, and to help users increase the power of their searching to gain actionable intelligence.

The step-by-step approach taken in this analysis is applicable for general patent landscape searches.

This Presentation will cover:

  • Non-patent literature searching
  • Non-Latin Searching
  • PatBase Thesaurus
  • Citation searching
  • Classification finder
  • Optimise
  • PatBase Analytics V2.0
  • Advanced Keyword highlighting
  • Semantic searching
  • Use of the “similar” function to find similar documents.
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