Customisable Patent information solutions that work for you

Minesoft works with clients on long and short term patent information solutions that require a bespoke technical solution. The flexible approach of our in-house software development team ensures that we can provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. Contact us at any stage of the process so that we can help you develop a solution that works for you.

Minesoft’s “off the shelf” products are also adaptable to customers’ needs. Pat-KM incorporates internal company workflows and custom taxonomies to help manage patent knowledge globally throughout the organisation. Legal StatusTracker can be adapted at many levels including permissions, business or project structure, alert templates and reports.

PatBase API

A modern REST API (Application Programming Interface) is available that allows internal software to interface seamlessly with Minesoft’s global patent database, PatBase. The API enables clients to incorporate this high quality international patent data into their internal systems such as intranets or in-house patent archiving systems.

Various components of patent data – including patent family, full text and legal status information – can be imported in bulk securely in XML or JSON format into internal applications and systems for searching and analysis.

The API enables clients to automate internal processes and can offer an effective technical solution to delivering patent data to end-users in a flexible, secure way that fits in with existing corporate workflows.