Patent Collaboration Software for IP and R&D Teams

Encourage communication and collaboration between your patent and R&D teams. Boost productivity with IPShare’s built-in tools including live patent annotating, shareable notes, chat functionality and more.

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IPShare is your secure IP sharing software solution for LegalTech collaboration

Encourage communication

Boost productivity with real-time interaction, annotation, and IP sharing. Seamlessly collaborate across business units globally, annotating, and labelling documents within projects. Enhance collaboration with chat messaging and assign custom permission levels to multiple user groups for efficient project management.

Share innovation insights with anyone

Empower communication and secure sharing of innovation insights with IPShare. Export detailed projects as Excel files, replacing static reports with dynamic updates. Administer read/write permissions and control publication additions or deletions based on commercial needs. Manage custom permissions before inviting team members or clients to view or edit projects.

Store data in a secure location

IPShare provides a secure platform for 24/7 access to patent and non-patent literature collections. Break the silos by centralising IP projects across teams, offices, and companies. Customise permission levels to allow clients to view specific information as needed, enabling easy collaboration and streamlined access to valuable data.

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Being able to reach out to someone if we need some guidance is very helpful and one of the reasons we like Minesoft as much as we do.

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The Minesoft Difference

At Minesoft, we believe in doing things a little differently. We don’t just develop industry-leading, AI-powered Patent Intelligence solutions, we are here to support you every step of the way, in 15+ languages, and across all time zones.

Customer-centric approach

Customer-centric approach

Our high employee retention rate ensures that you connect with familiar faces who understand your requirements

Industry-leading innovation

Industry-leading innovation

Our in-house development team work closely with clients when building and enhancing solutions

Unwavering reliability

Unwavering reliability

Our robust and reliable servers are based in the UK, so your data is always secure

Transform how your IP teams operate

Share observations in real-time across projects to avoid duplication of efforts 

Seamless internal IP team collaboration with clients

Create custom labels to categorise patent publications

Import an unlimited number of publications into a project

Labels, highlighting sets and embedded communication to help end users or clients interrogate the data fully

Connect your IP team with inventors, attorneys, IP specialists and outside counsel

Introduce a cutting-edge LegalTech solution to bring agility to your teams workflow

Select individual custom permissions for viewing and editing projects

Extensive export options in one place to share insights with ease

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