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Minesoft’s Patent Intelligence platform empowers your team with transformative intelligence to accelerate the innovation life cycle.

Find the right solution for your R&D and IP teams.

We harness the power of industry-leading AI to streamline patent search and review. Empowering innovation teams to make informed decisions swiftly, with responsive analytics tailored for strategic thinking. Minesoft enables users to monitor trends, understand competitors’ landscapes, and identify collaboration opportunities.

Centralise patent knowledge and spread IP awareness throughout your organisation, empowering R&D teams with actionable insights and facilitating innovation through easy information sharing and collaboration.

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More than 90,000 innovators around the world partner with us to accelerate innovation. Discover how our clients use Minesoft.

It’s a must-have tool for any organisation that wants to be inundated on competitors’ activities and to have a clear picture on what technology gaps are available. All the improvements over the years have contributed to make it more powerful and more user friendly.

R&D Manager

Multinational Cosmetics Company

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