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Easily Mine Full Text Patents For Chemical Compounds

Intuitive Searching

Save time by easily locating chemical structures within patent documents. The user-friendly interface offers multiple ways of importing compounds. Search by identity, similarity, or substructure, with numerous filtering options available.

Visual Results

Identify where a substructure search matches and get further information on a compound. Select the compounds of interest to view the results or simply use the structure-centric or patent family-centric options to export to Excel.

Quickly Locate Structures

TextMine recognises structures regardless of their representation, identifying searched chemicals of interest, connecting the name to the chemical structure and providing links to external resources. Work more efficiently with the highlighting allowing you to jump to the exact location where the chemical structure was found in the document.

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Industry-leading innovation

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Unwavering reliability

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Search For Chemical Compounds In Full Text Pharmaceutical Patent Documents

Search for an exact chemical structure, similar compounds, or by substructure

Filter by molecular weight, complete or incomplete chemical formula, claims and authority to refine searches

Export results to Excel using structure-centric or patent family-centric exports

Find the exact location of searched chemicals of interest in the patent text and connect the name to the chemical structure using TextMine

Identify compounds regardless of their representation

Detect and display all identified terms from a range of domains, including molecules, genes and proteins, polymers, antibodies and more

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