Training Courses

Minesoft regularly holds PatBase Training Courses across Europe throughout the year, offering structured, hands-on training.

The courses are designed to help both new and experienced PatBase Users to understand the information sources and data structure as well as learn more about search techniques and tips in PatBase. The duration of both the basic and advanced courses is normally one day and includes lunch and refreshments for participants.

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London, UK25th April 2019PatBase Essentials£295English
London, UK26th April 2019PatBase Masterclass£295English
Utrecht, The Netherlands8th May 2019PatBase Essentials€345English
Utrecht, The Netherlands9th May 2019PatBase Masterclass€345English
Paris, France13th May 2019PatBase Essentials€345French
Paris, France14th May 2019PatBase Masterclass€345French
Basel, Switzerland21st May 2019PatBase Essentials€345English
Basel, Switzerand22nd May 2019PatBase Masterclass€345English
Düsseldorf, Germany6th June 2019PatBase Essentials€345German
Düsseldorf, Germany7th June 2019PatBase Masterclass€345German
Munich, Germany13th June 2019PatBase Essentials€345German
Munich, Germany14th June 2019PatBase Masterclass€345German
Copenhagen, Denmark18th June 2019PatBase Essentials€345English/Danish
Copenhagen, Denmark19th June 2019PatBase Masterclass€345English/Danish

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For training in USA and other parts of the world, please contact us for more information.

Online Training

Professional training at your desk. Request personalised, free online PatBase training – tailored one-to-one sessions or departmental training are available.

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