Training sessions at your pace

Request personalised, free online PatBase training by completing this PatBase Training registration form.

Our online training can take the form of tailored one-to-one sessions or customised training sessions for your entire department. Our experienced trainers will deliver the training according to your requirements. If you have any specific requests in terms of content e.g. types of patent search or particular PatBase features, make sure you fill in the request details on the training registration form.

Minesoft also regularly holds PatBase Training Courses throughout the year across Europe, offering structured, hands-on training and the chance to exchange best practices with other PatBase users.

The courses are designed to help both new and experienced PatBase Users to understand the information sources and data structure as well as learn more about search techniques and tips in PatBase. The duration of both the basic and advanced courses is normally one day and includes lunch and refreshments for participants. Further information on PatBase Training courses can be found here


If you have any queries or would like to discuss PatBase training, please contact us on or call +44(0)208 404 0651

PatBase Training Registration

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