working from home
A peek at Minesoft home-working

In these strange and uncertain times, all companies have had to find a way to adapt and evolve. At Minesoft, the entire team has been working from home over the past few months and we’re happy to now be transitioning back into office life. More…

Minesoft supports charity providing
meals for NHS workers 

At Minesoft, we believe it is very important to play a positive role in local communities. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic our local community, businesses and public services are especially in need of support. This is why the Minesoft Co-Founders chose to donate to the Jennie and Phil Howard Fund to supply meals to all Critical Care Unit staff at the Royal Marsden Hospital and The Royal Brompton Hospital, London’s leading respiratory hospital where the most severely affected COVID-19 patients are often referred from other hospitals.   More…

Minesoft supports Richmond BID’s
anti-covid cleansing initiative

Minesoft is supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic through Richmond Business Improvement District’s (BID) new Safe S.P.A.C.E initiative. This morning, on Vanessa Feltz BBC Radio London, Gabriel Irwin (Vice Chair of Richmond BID) outlined how the anti-covid initiative would roll out in Richmond, with the taskforce ready to begin the cleansing programme tomorrow. More…

Commonwealth Heritage Forum –
supported by Minesoft

The future of humanity, health and learning from crises shines a light on our heritage – the centuries of knowledge can point us towards solutions to today’s common issues, whether in energy, carbon footprint or climate change. We live in the “built environment”, so need to figure out how to solve the problems and preserve our cultural heritage – this is what motivates the Co-Founders of Minesoft, Ann Chapman-Daniel and Ophir Daniel, to support several initiatives corporately and also as private philanthropists, including the newly formed Commonwealth Heritage Forum (CHF) and the World Monuments Fund (WMF) alongside ASPI, an initiative of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).   More…

Minesoft is an editorial contributor to SSAFA’s official VE Day 75
commemorative album

Co-produced by St James’s House and military charity, SSAFA, VE Day 75 was officially launched on 8th May 2020. Written by experts including the royal correspondent Robert Jobson, VE Day 75 is a beautifully presented publication that tells the in-depth story of Victory in Europe Day. Featuring a wide selection of photographs from the day itself, the book documents the extraordinary events of 8 May 1945, honours those involved and reflects on how this victory has impacted on British society – right up to the present day. As a global patent data specialist headquartered in London, Minesoft was thrilled to be approached by publisher St James’s House to be a part of this historic celebration. More…

What do patents reveal about

Published in The Patent Lawyer Magazine – March/April 2020

This article demonstrates the importance of data interrogation using PatBase Analytics and examines the activity of patent offices across the world in the wake of COVID-19This article answers some key questions about coronavirus in patent data:  More…

Earth Day: Let’s clean up our environment!

The Ocean Cleanup is an organisation founded by Boyan Slat when he was only 19 years old. As a teenager, he felt passionate about reducing plastic pollution in the ocean and so he started developing a novel solution to clear up plastic floating in large bodies of water while still in high school.  More…

Online training
Minesoft Online Training and Support

Minesoft Training and Support Available When Working From Home 

In these strange and uncertain times when many have been encouraged to work from home, you can still rely on Minesoft for the online training and support you may need. The Minesoft Support team is working hard to make sure that support continues to be readily available to our customers. Below, you will find several online resources that are always available but may be especially helpful in this period of working from home.  More…