Patent report: the road ahead for
driverless cars

Patent report: the road ahead for driverless cars

A patent report can give a snapshot of the patents in a specific subject area or which cover a type of technology. The reports can be used to visualise and discover existing gaps in relevant areas, gain competitive intelligence by understanding the current landscape, predict where your market is heading and spot trends in areas of interest to aid investment. They are a critical step in research and development as well as competitive or patent strategy for any company or institution. More…

Patent databases – overcoming the
language barrier

In June 2019, Minesoft’s Alexander Spencer published an article in the IPPro, a magazine that is recognised as one of the most reputable media outlets in the field of intellectual property. In it, Spencer evaluates the developments made in the area of machine translations and the importance of this when it comes to patent databases; looking at where we once were, where we are now and giving us a glimpse as to where we might be heading. More…

Patent strategy: open vs closed

IP Strategy: Open vs Closed

Minesoft Business Development Executive, Moira Sivills, recently featured in World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR) magazine. Sivills investigated whether an open or closed patent strategy is the best way forward to promote innovation and technological development. The article uses case studies to explore the importance of intellectual property strategy (IP Strategy) in strengthening firms and creating business value. More…

IP management systems: Knowledge
is power

IP management systems: Knowledge is power

Minesoft’s Caitlin Kavanagh recently had an article published with well-known intellectual property (IP) magazine, IPPro. Kavanagh explained how IP knowledge management or patent portfolio management tools can be implemented to improve IP awareness throughout a corporation, from the launch of a product to the beginning of a new project. More…

Patent software solutions for sharing crucial patent data

Jason Resnick, Patent Agent at Minesoft, recently had an article published with well-known IP magazine, The Patent Lawyer. Resnick explained how IP counsel, paralegals and professional patent departments are finding value through the open sharing of clean patent data with Minesoft’s online patent software solutions. More…

research paper
PatBase featured in new research
paper published by World Patent

Minesoft has always prided itself on facilitating and accelerating the rates of innovation achieved by our clients, but we take special pleasure in being able to assist more directly with research projects. Here, Alessandro Comai of the University of Japan has produced a research paper on patent and scientific data analytics, making use of a case example to demonstrate how vast quantities of information can be mined from scientific literature, news articles and (here’s where PatBase comes in!) patent data. More…

telescope search provider
Minesoft featured in CIO Applications Magazine as the Top 10 Enterprise
Search Solution Providers for 2019

In February, Minesoft‘s experienced Patent Agent Jason Resnick was interviewed by CIO applications, after they featured Minesoft in a special edition magazine as a top 10 enterprise search solution provider for 2019. In his interview, Jason explains how clients face daily difficulties due to the volume and complexity of patent data currently available, and how Minesoft’s suite of patent solutions, high-quality patent data and strong customer service overcame these challenges. More…