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 Creative ways to use patents
for profit 

Managing a patent portfolio strategically can significantly boost bottom line profits. In this blog post, we list 3 creative ways to use patents for profit. Patents can be easily overlooked to generate profit once they have been secured because they are intangible assets. However, the commercialisation of a patent portfolio can generate cash flow directly to the bottom line through licensing, sale, or trade.  


machine translation
Application of machine translation for global patent search

The team at Victor Green recently published an article on Artificial intelligence and machine translations of patents, studying the new combined Latin, non-Latin and machine translation index on PatBase 2.0. Using artificial intelligence inventions concerning dogs as the topic of research, Green et al. outline the various methods available on PatBase 2.0 to translate search terms and discuss how the new search engine simplifies and more accurately finds machine translations of global patents. More…

citation network
PatBase’s Patent Citation Network to
reveal hidden insights

The volume and complexity of patent citations make it a difficult area to efficiently navigate. However, with the right tools, it is also an exceptionally valuable one. An accurate citation analysis requires calculations that involve the analysis of a very large number of patents where data quality and internationally broad content is paramount. Understanding a large dataset like this can be difficult, and just a few years ago neither the big data analytics tools accessible for most users or the lack of fully global data collections allowed for it. More…

Patent report: the road ahead for
driverless cars

Patent report: the road ahead for driverless cars

A patent report can give a snapshot of the patents in a specific subject area or which cover a type of technology. The reports can be used to visualise and discover existing gaps in relevant areas, gain competitive intelligence by understanding the current landscape, predict where your market is heading and spot trends in areas of interest to aid investment. They are a critical step in research and development as well as competitive or patent strategy for any company or institution. More…

Business intelligence: the importance of a strong patent strategy

Transforming patent data into actionable technical, legal and business intelligence is a priority for any innovation-driven organisation with a strong IPR (intellectual property rights) culture. Patents are often the first published evidence of a new product or process in the public domain, and a significant volume (commonly cited as between 70 and 80 per cent) of the world’s technical and scientific information is only ever made available in patents. More…

Patent strategy: open vs closed

Minesoft Business Development Executive, Moira Sivills, recently featured in World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR) magazine. Sivills investigated whether an open or closed patent strategy is the best way forward to promote innovation and technological development. The article uses case studies to explore the importance of intellectual property (IP) strategy in strengthening firms and creating business value. More…