New York - Minesoft US
Press release

Minesoft is excited to announce the expansion of its global presence in the Intellectual Property (IP) market by bringing US company, Tempus IP, under the Minesoft “umbrella” after closely working with the company for the past 10 years. Through this partnership, Tempus IP has become one of the most advanced and rapid IP document ordering and delivery systems in the US, saving users time and hassle locating IP documents.

Tempus IP will continue to offer the same services in IP document delivery, legalization services and PAIR alerts. Tempus IP acts as a personal IP Legal Operations Assistant, taking over the time-consuming manual work for IP Law Firms across the US. Clients can order US and non-US File Histories, certified documents, non-patent literature, trademark IP documents and hard-to-find patent copies. Our experienced team also offer legalization service and a new PAIR alerts tool with information sent directly to your inbox whenever a change occurs.

Minesoft’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Ann Chapman-Daniel says “After partnering with Tempus IP to develop the File History and IP Documentation Service, we are delighted to have brought the Tempus IP business under the Minesoft umbrella and have appointed Tim Campbell as Senior Executive to lead and develop new Minesoft and Tempus IP business in the important North American market”.

Minesoft LLC Senior Executive, Tim Campbell adds “I am very excited to be bringing the 40+ years of IP experience and expertise the TempusIP staff offers under the Minesoft umbrella to further enhance the hands-on customer support that is expected and something we have always prided ourselves on”.

Founded in 1996, Minesoft operates as a global business serving 50,000 Intellectual Property professionals. The company offers a broad portfolio of information solutions for patent research, monitoring and analysis, IP document retrieval and patent knowledge management. These solutions have been developed by in-house experts at Minesoft in collaboration with legal professionals from large DAX, FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as specialist IP, patent attorney and search firms. Through its global presence, Minesoft has earned a reputation for combining well-designed user interfaces and cutting-edge technology with responsive service.

Press contact: Elizabeth Lam ([email protected])