The legal status module within PatBase, the trusted search and analysis platform, has now been enhanced to include USPTO PAIR data. This data is as timely as the USPTO public PAIR site and has been merged with the INPADOC legal status data for each US application. Within the legal status view in PatBase we have added a new “Source” column to clearly identify where the legal status information originated and have mapped the USPTO legal status events to our colour coded event groups, making it easier for our users to visually identify the type of event that has occurred. Furthermore, the Register links in PatBase for US publications now directs the user to up to date PAIR information, a full transaction history and links to the assignment history, maintenance fees and file wrapper. The addition of US PAIR data to PatBase is of benefit to our users as it allows them to more efficiently review up to date legal status information for any US application.

Minesoft’s web-based legal status alerting service, Legal Status Tracker, has also been updated to include USPTO PAIR data. Whether you want to monitor all legal status changes or specific type of events, Legal Status Tracker delivers automatic email alerts whenever a change occurs and eliminates the need for lengthy manual legal status checks.

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