Minesoft Training Webinars

Every month, Minesoft holds free webinar sessions to help users get started with PatBase and to keep all users up to date on what’s new. These webinars are for PatBase users looking to make the most out of their subscriptions, suitable for both new and experienced users.

If you miss one of our sessions don’t worry, you can always register to attend next month!

For more details on a specific webinar, click on the topic of interest in the table below:

Training webinars


Getting started with PatBase

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to use the search forms to generate search results
  • How to create, share and save information to a folder
  • How to export and share your results (both with other PatBase users in your organisation and externally)
  • How to set up monthly alerts
  • How to run a simple analysis on a result set
First Thursday of the Month2PM GMT / 10AM ETEnglishRegister Here

PatBase Express: an introduction

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to navigate the PatBase Express database
  • How to use the common search forms
  • How to view & share search results
  • How to run a simple analysis using Snapshot
Second Thursday of the Month2PM GMT / 10AM ETEnglishRegister Here

PatBase Tips & Tricks

This webinar is suitable for all PatBase Users. In this 30-minute webinar, the Minesoft Support team will show you some tips and tricks on the platform to help you get the most of your PatBase experience. We will demonstrate how to use tools and features in PatBase to enhance the user experience and improve patent search strategies. Also, these sessions will include any recent updates to PatBase.

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where any attendees can submit questions live.

Third Thursday of the Month2PM GMT / 10AM ETEnglishRegister Here

Strategic IP webinars

TopicNext SessionTimeLanguageRegister

Starting with a search: Patent searching from conception to market

In the next installment of Minesoft’s Strategic IP Webinar series, we will be joined by Al Etheridge – founder of Atlanta Patent Services. Over the course of a few webinars, Al will be giving his top tips for patent searching, from conception to market. In the legal world, patents start at disclosure, but maximizing a patent’s value in the market starts well before that. Intelligently incorporating searching throughout the path from idea to market, optimizes and economizes product development and market value.

Join us on April 14th, at 1 PM ET as Al will run his first webinar in partnership with Minesoft titled “Starting with a search: Patent searching from conception to market”, shining a light on patents as a transformative research strategy that will ensure you are ahead of the curve and armed with know-how.

Wednesday, April 14th 20211 PM ETEnglishRegister Here

Webinar de Minesoft: Análisis del estado de la tecnica en seis pasos

Los informes sobre el estado de la técnica son un informe de búsqueda muy popular cuyo objetivo es ofrecer una visión general de las patentes que cubren un tipo de tecnología concreto. Son un paso fundamental en el ciclo de vida de la innovación de cualquier empresa.


El segundo seminario web sobre propiedad intelectual estratégica de Minesoft sobre “Análisis del estado de la técnica en seis pasos sencillos ” arrojará luz sobre los mejores métodos para llevar a cabo esta estrategia de investigación transformadora.


También habrá una sesión de preguntas y respuestas al final de la sesión para que pueda hacer cualquier pregunta que tenga sobre las patentes y la búsqueda de patentes.

Wednesday, May 19th 2021 3pm (BST)/4pm (CEST)SpanishRegister Here

Webinaire Minesoft: l'analyse cartographique de brevets en six étapes

Rejoignez nos experts en innovation le 25 mai 2021 à 15 h 00 CET dans un webinaire en direct exclusif pour découvrir la façon dont vous pouvez améliorer votre stratégie d’innovation avec une simple analyse du paysage des brevets.


Le rapport sur le paysage des brevets est un rapport de recherche populaire qui vise à donner un aperçu des brevets couvrant un type particulier de technologie. Ils constituent une étape importante dans le cycle de vie de l’innovation de toute entreprise.


Il y aura également une séance de questions-réponses à la fin de la session pour avoir la chance de poser toutes les questions que vous pourriez avoir sur les brevets et la recherche de brevets.

Tuesday, May 25th, 20212pm (BST)/3pm (CET)FrenchRegister Here