Minesoft Training Webinars

Every month, Minesoft holds free webinar sessions to help users get started with PatBase and to keep all users up to date on what’s new. These webinars are for PatBase users looking to make the most out of their subscriptions, suitable for both new and experienced users.

If you miss one of our sessions don’t worry, you can always register to attend next month!

For more details on a specific webinar, click on the topic of interest in the table below:

Training webinars


Getting started with PatBase

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to use the search forms to generate search results
  • How to create, share and save information to a folder
  • How to export and share your results (both with other PatBase users in your organisation and externally)
  • How to set up monthly alerts
  • How to run a simple analysis on a result set
First Thursday of the Month2PM BST / 10AM ETEnglishRegister Here

PatBase Express: an introduction

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to navigate the PatBase Express database
  • How to use the common search forms
  • How to view & share search results
  • How to run a simple analysis using Snapshot
Second Thursday of the Month2PM BST / 10AM ETEnglishRegister Here

PatBase Tips & Tricks

This webinar is suitable for all PatBase Users. In this 30-minute webinar, the Minesoft Support team will show you some tips and tricks on the platform to help you get the most of your PatBase experience. We will demonstrate how to use tools and features in PatBase to enhance the user experience and improve patent search strategies. Also, these sessions will include any recent updates to PatBase.

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar where any attendees can submit questions live.

Third Thursday of the Month2PM BST / 10AM ETEnglishRegister Here

Strategic IP webinars

TopicNext SessionTimeLanguageRegister

Introducción a la comercialización de su propiedad intelectual

Comercializar la propiedad intelectual no es una tarea fácil y depende de muchos factores internos y externos, como los objetivos comerciales, el tipo de propiedad intelectual, así como los recursos intelectuales y económicos disponibles. En este webinar, mostramos cómo una base de datos de patentes, como PatBase, puede facilitar la comercialización de su propiedad intelectual.
14/09/202115:00 CESTEspañolRegister Here

Commercialisation de la propriété intellectuelle

La commercialisation de la propriété intellectuelle n’est pas une tâche facile et elle dépend de nombreux facteurs internes et externes, tels que les objectifs commerciaux, le type de propriété intellectuelle, ainsi que les ressources intellectuelles et économiques disponibles. Dans ce webinaire, nous montrons comment une base de données de brevets, comme PatBase, peut faciliter la commercialisation de votre propriété intellectuelle.
21/09/202115:00 CESTFrançaisRegister Here

Como fazer uma análise cartográfica de patentes em 6 passos simples

Relatórios de panorama (landscape) de patentes são relatórios de pesquisa populares que têm como objetivo fornecer uma visão geral das patentes relacionadas a um tipo específico de tecnologia. São uma etapa crítica do ciclo de inovação de qualquer empresa. Neste webinar, vamos demostrar os melhores métodos para se empregar essa estratégia de pesquisa transformadora.
29/09/202110:00 horário de BrasíliaPortuguêsRegister Here