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Patent citations seem like a straightforward concept, but they contain a great deal of complexity. For instance, the expectation of citing patents in a new application varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There are different types of citations, depending on which office is generating the reports, and different ways in which citations can be used to gain insights on a particular topic. Along those lines, there are many controversies around what type of citations should be used to generate those insights, and even whether self-citations should ever be used at all.

In this informative webinar about the ins and outs of citations in patent analytics, we hear from Tim Campbell (VP, North America, Minesoft), Anna Maria Villa (Patent Expert, IGE /IPI), Christopher Mason (Patent Attorney and Senior Associate, Appleyard Lees), Tony Trippe (Managing Director, PatInformatics), and Jennifer Cessna (Senior Research Scientist, The Hershey Company) on the topic.

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