What are our customers saying about PatBase 2.0?

It has now been a few weeks since the launch of PatBase 2.0 at the start of September but here at Minesoft, the team is still buzzing with excitement about the new system! PatBase 2.0 introduced some neat new features including improved speed across the platform, PatBase Analytics V3, new search commands to enhance patent searching, Latin and non-Latin combined index and much more. This is the biggest update to PatBase since the launch in 2003 and our customers seem just as thrilled about PatBase 2.0 as the Minesoft Team.

We have received some immensely positive feedback and reviews from our customers since the PatBase 2.0 launch day. Here are some of our favourites:

“I’m very pleased with the new version of PatBase. It is a great improvement on search speed and functionality (especially the new WP operator and the improved highlighting).”
– Senior Patent Information Specialist

“The searching in the new version is amazingly fast even with left hand truncation.”
– Technical Information Specialist

“For the work I have done in PatBase this week, I can tell that PatBase 2.0 is much faster! Thank you. The help documents, training webinars and knowledge hub are very helpful.”
-Patent Searching and Information Manager

“Congratulations on rolling out PatBase 2.0. It is terrific.”
– Patent Information Specialist

“I was very happy to see so many new and useful commands introduced to the new PatBase”
– Professional Patent Searcher

“I find new highlighting on PatBase very useful, so I want to make sure I am making the most of it!”
-Senior Information Specialist

“The performance of the new search engine is awesome.”
– Corporate IP Specialist

“Liking the new version of PatBase so far -especially the speed!”
-Patent Information Specialist at a FTSE 100 company

“The SPUB command is incredibly useful at targeting more finely”
– Patent Searching and Information Manager at a Fortune 500 company

“We love how much faster PatBase 2.0 is and all the new search functionality & improvements, thank you for this great update.”
– Senior Intellectual Property Specialist

In the period to come, the Minesoft Development team will continue refining the new system using the helpful User feedback we have been receiving. The Minesoft Support team will continue to run training webinars each month. To register for any of the introductory training sessions, visit the Minesoft Webinars Page, or contact [email protected] to request a complementary personalised online training session for your organisation.

As always, Minesoft is also offering a commitment-free two-week free trial of PatBase. Simply click here to register your interest: and one of the Minesoft team members will be in touch with you shortly.

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