What does ChatGPT say about a patent family tree?

What does ChatGPT say about a patent family tree?


We were curious to know what wisdom ChatGPT could impart on us as to why patent professionals should use a patent family tree, so we gave it a try.  Below is the prompt we used and the response we got:

“There are several reasons why a patent professional should use a patent family tree:

  1. Identify related patents: A patent family tree can help a patent professional identify all the related patents that belong to the same family, including applications, grants, and continuations. This information can be valuable in assessing the scope and strength of a patent portfolio.
  2. Prior art search: A patent family tree can help a patent professional conduct a more comprehensive prior art search. By identifying all the patents in a family, a patent professional can identify potential prior art references that may not have been uncovered through a standard search.
  3. Patent strategy: A patent family tree can help a patent professional develop a patent strategy for their client. By analyzing the patents in a family, a patent professional can identify areas of strength and weakness, as well as potential licensing or acquisition targets.
  4. Prosecution history: A patent family tree can also help a patent professional understand the prosecution history of a patent. By reviewing the related patents in a family, a patent professional can gain insight into the patent examiner’s reasoning and the arguments that were made during prosecution.

Overall, a patent family tree is a useful tool for patent professionals as it can provide a comprehensive view of a patent family, helping them make informed decisions about patent strategy and prosecution.”

Why use PatDocs Family Trees?

As for the PatDocs Family Tree, we’d ask ChatGPT but our clients already have an answer:

  1. Relying on dozens of public sources and “visio” type tools takes hours and aren’t always reliable…the PatDocs Family tree takes seconds, is as reliable and current as the PTO.
  2. Besides just the visualization you have real-time access to the File History, Assignment Data, Terminal Disclaimer Information, Summaries of EP Contracting States and other time saving peace of mind datapoints.

In fact, if you are…

  • Involved in patent prosecution and want a visual display to assist with filing strategy discussions or
  • Involved in patent litigation and need to map all family members involved making sure you don’t miss any potential royalties
  • Involved in patent acquisitions to double check if all assets have been provided by your client including those newly files applications which still haven’t been published.
  • Or just want to link your own IP in a Family Tree that actually works as intended (e.g. it’s up to date and has the right amount of detail to keep you from building it yourself)


The PatDocs Family Tree is something you will want to see. Click here to schedule a call, be sure to have some patent numbers we can pull up on the fly and share with you.

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