Minesoft is a global patent information solutions provider

Intelligent patent solutions

We develop international searchable databases and web-based products for Intellectual Property (IP) research. We specialise in Patent Information, IP document retrieval, Patent Analytics, Patent Archiving and Competitive Intelligence Systems, and all areas of Industrial Research.

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Technology to drive innovation

Our solutions, developed in-house, help you harness the power of patent information throughout the innovation process, providing insights into technology trends and competition. Flagship product PatBase is an international patent search database with built-in Analytics software.

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Worldwide support

Our customers include professionals engaged in IP law, licensing and technology transfer, business development, information management and research and development. We meet the needs of a strong international client base by combining cutting-edge technology with responsive service.

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Competitive Intelligence Monitoring

Maintain your competitive edge with Minesoft’s targeted monitoring services. Keep an eye on patent applications or new technological developments and track and search patent citation activity with current awareness solutions including PatBase Alerts, CiteTracker, PatentTracker and Legal Status Tracker. Ensure you remain one step ahead by monitoring and archiving your own or your competitors’ patent portfolios with PatentArchive, the patent knowledge management solution. Apply custom taxonomies to create an archive relevant to your organisation. Competitive intelligence and current awareness, captured and archived with Minesoft.

Actionable patent intelligence

We began developing Patent Archives 15 years ago and have gained in-depth understanding and expertise in harnessing essential patent intelligence for top world corporations. Minesoft's PatentArchive is a vital component of a competitive intelligence strategy that enables internal management of key patent information. By providing a central location for monitoring, patent searching, reviewing and sharing patent information on a global scale, PatentArchive enables better, faster, patent-related business decisions.

Research and Analysis

We have extensive experience in working with large collections of complex data to create innovative, streamlined and user-friendly patent search platforms. PatBase, the tried and trusted professional patent search tool, facilitates access to millions of value-added patent records from over 100 authorities worldwide, with integrated PatBase Analytics software enabling in-depth insight. Minesoft Inspec is a dynamic, modern web platform designed for precise, fast research in Engineering and Technology. Both have an Express interface designed for use throughout the corporation.

IP documentation

Our range of Intellectual Property documentation services deliver speed, flexibility and reliability no matter what the request. Order patent documents from over 60 authorities including machine translations with PatentOrder and receive electronic PDF copies in minutes, even for bulk orders. Retrieve file histories and hard-to-find-documents with Tempus IP – place and track orders effortlessly on the interactive Tempus IP website, powered by Minesoft.