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PatBase an overview




Supporting IP Professionals With Patent IDS & Other Key Activities For Prosecution


Supporting IP paralegals and IP legal professionals in key activities for prosecution with many time-saving features.

PatDocs offers worldwide coverage of patent documents with instant machine translations, unlimited PDF downloads and automated US PAIR Alerts (with direct feeds to the US Patent Center). It’s the ideal tool for paralegals looking for efficient ways to supply patent information to attorneys at an affordable price.

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Save hours of time by automating repetitive, manual tasks. Freeing up your time for more complex, business-critical activities.


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Cost-effective solution for streamlining key processes for prosecution



Save Time On Patent Family Trees


PatDocs is a time-saving and cost-effective solution to help streamline the hefty workload of IP professionals, with automated software to save hours on otherwise slow manual processes. Easily generate patent family trees to provide a bird’s-eye view of the relationship between patents, making them easy to understand.

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Convenient document ordering


Fast, reliable ordering of global patent documents as PDFs. Order individual documents on the fly or bulk order patent copies and translations and upload them directly into your IP Management Software.

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Global dossier alerts


Receive alerts on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis containing all changes over the selected period. No changes – no email! Monitor file history, transaction history and all continuity data.

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The Swiss Army Knife of patent document tools

Save hours of time with
auto-complete IDS forms

Upload accurate machine translations to your IP Management Software in just a few clicks


Monitor competitive applications for claim amendments, rejections and grants

Download and share worldwide patent PDFs


Create, annotate and share international patent family trees


Generate comprehensive legal reports with live links

Search across millions of global publications


Easy export tools and offline links to share externally


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Designed by patent specialists for patent searchers

Designed by patent specialists
for patent searchers

Tempus IP

Tempus IP

Fast and reliable IP document retrieval

Fast and reliable IP
document retrieval

PAIR Alerts

PAIR Alerts

Automatic monitoring of all US cases

Automatic monitoring of
all US cases