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Deliver meaningful patent insights

Deliver Meaningful Patent Analysis-Based Insights


Leading the way in Patent Search And Analysis Technology


A comprehensive, global patent database relied on by 90,000 innovators and legal professionals across all industries. Perform accurate patent searches and analysis to protect, manage and advance your IP position.

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Minesoft has built relationships with patent offices around the world to provide one of the most comprehensive patent datasets available. PatBase is trusted by the world’s leading innovators every day.

Minesoft has built relationships with patent offices
around the world to provide one of the most
comprehensive patent datasets available.

Trusted by the world’s leading innovators


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Search, Visualise And Analyse Patent Information Across The Innovation Lifecycle



Speedy Review


PatBase gives you the ability to assess and refine huge volumes of patent data, allowing you to dig deeper into individual patents. You can collaborate with your team through a variety of workflow features.

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Intelligent Patent Search


Spend more time innovating and less time searching. Optimise FTO and patent search methods with intuitive tools and flexible command line searching. Search with confidence across PatBase’s quality-checked and enriched patent data.

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Powerful Analysis


Analysing a patent environment can be complex and often requires a huge volume of patent documents. PatBase Analytics can analyse an unlimited amount of patent families in seconds, providing a comprehensive patent landscape analysis.

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Share patent insights through customisable data visualisations



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Utilise smart search technology to review documents with unrivalled depth and granularity of data


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Stay up to date on critical patents with relevant, timely and customisable alerts

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Flexible search capacity at a publication or family-level



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Find the money in your patent portfolio and enhance your portfolio management capabilities


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Powerful citation tools help to monetise patents by identifying licensing opportunities


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Collaborate with Minesoft’s experienced support team to help deliver answers to complex patent questions


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Manage risk, find new opportunities and protect your innovations with integrated, real-time Analytics

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Review and share comprehensive legal status information


Receive unlimited support from Minesoft’s knowledgeable Support team

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PatBase is the patent search and analysis platform of choice for thousands of companies around the world.
Including innovators, renowned academic institutions, and trusted law firms.


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