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PatBase Express an overview

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PatBase Express an overview



PatBase Express Enables Patent Search And Analysis Across The Entire Corporation


With an intuitive interface and adapted features designed to make patent information accessible to users at all levels, PatBase Express facilitates patent searching for non-experts, helping companies to broaden access to scientific and technical information. Optimising R&D and facilitating the protection of their intellectual property.

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Minesoft has built relationships with patent offices around the world to provide one of the most comprehensive patent datasets available. PatBase Express is trusted by the world’s leading innovators every day.


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Use PatBase Express to Mitigate Risk, Identify New Opportunities, And Avoid Parallel Development

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Build advanced
search queries


Easy-to-use search forms help users at any level to build powerful search queries in just a few clicks. Combine keywords, company names and technology fields to unearth strategic innovation intelligence.

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Optimise your results


After constructing a comprehensive patent search strategy, refine results to remove noise and find elusive documents. The user can then select the relevant results to save, share or export.

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Work smarter, not harder


Improve internal workflows by easily sharing insights with Advanced PatBase users. Relevant results can be saved to private or public folders for in-depth review at a later date.

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Take PatBase Express for a test drive

Speed up your research with patent data from over 105 countries on a single platform. Ensure your transition
to PatBase Express is easy with free training and a helpful support team to guide you throughout.


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Smart search technology allows users at all levels to
efficiently interrogate patent data


Identify innovation opportunities before they are realised in the market


Combine multiple data types – NPL, patents & design patents – to form actionable strategic intelligence


Review who is citing your patent portfolio to confidently pick the best partnerships


Enhance research productivity – express searching with no training required


Narrow down searches with Optimise to retrieve concise, relevant results


User interface is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese


Access the same enriched data and content available in PatBase, with a more streamlined interface


Receive unlimited support from Minesoft’s knowledgeable Support team

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Take PatBase Express for a test drive


PatBase Express is the patent search and analysis platform of choice for thousands of companies around the world.
Including innovators, renowned academic institutions, and trusted law firms.




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