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Minesoft develops international searchable databases and web-based products for Intellectual Property (IP) research. We offer an array of products, specialising in patent information, IP document retrieval, patent analytics, patent archiving and competitive intelligence systems.

Minesoft’s solutions are developed in-house to help harness the power of patent information throughout the innovation process and provide insights into technology trends and competition. Our flagship product, PatBase, is a searchable patent database with global coverage and built-in Analytics software.

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Minesoft has developed a range of targeted online patent products to give you a competitive edge. Keep up to date with newly published patents using PatBase Alerts. Monitor new patent citations and gain actionable competitive intelligence using CiteTracker and monitor changes to the legal status of any patent publication using Legal StatusTracker.

Minesoft Pat-KM is a customised patent knowledge management solution which ensures you remain one step ahead by monitoring, classifying and archiving your own and your competitors’ patent portfolios. Customised to match corporate workflow requirements, Pat-KM is used by some of the world’s best-known and leading companies.

Minesoft has extensive experience in working with large collections of complex patent data, both textual and image-based, to create innovative, streamlined and user-friendly patent & design search databases.

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Research and Analysis

Spend more time innovating and less time searching. Our integrated analytics tools turn data into information, fast.

Easily conduct a Freedom to Operate or Patent Landscape search with PatBase to ensure you’re not wasting your resources reinventing the wheel.

Identify and extract essential chemical information from the full text of patents with Chemical Explorer.

PatBase Analytics visualises the existing landscape in your area of interest; discover the key players, their filing strategy and the areas of growing interest.

Worldwide Support

Meeting the needs of a strong international client base, including professionals engaged in IP law, licensing and technology transfer, business development, information management and research and development with a combination of cutting-edge technology and responsive service.

Get well acquainted with Minesoft Solutions with the help of Minesoft’s valued support team.

IP documentation

Order patent documents from over 60 authorities, including machine translations from one of the fastest, most respected and most widely used software solutions for obtaining original copies of patents. Flexible, reliable, fast – receive vital information in minutes.

Effortlessly build up your own digital library with PatentOrder.

Tempus IP offers a flexible, trouble free and cost effective IP document ordering service.

Competitive Intelligence Monitoring

Ensure you remain one step ahead by monitoring, organising and safeguarding your own or your competitors’ patent portfolios.

PatBase’s Corporate Tree will quickly identify subsidiaries and other affiliations of a chosen corporation.

Visualise the landscape of technology areas, assess global trends and identify areas of competitive interest with PatBase Analytics.

Our trusted patent tracking services, CiteTracker, Legal StatusTracker and PatentTracker, take the hassle out of monitoring patent citations and changes in the legal status of patents.

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