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IPShare - The Legaltech Solution For Seamless Patent And R&D Team Collaboration

Encourage communication and collaboration between your patent and R&D teams on Minesoft’s secure real-time solution, IPShare. Set customisable permission settings to control sharing comments and project insights.

Boost productivity with IPShare’s in-built tools including live patent annotating, sharable notes, chat and more.

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IPShare is the ideal LegalTech solution to activate seamless patent sharing and team collaboration.

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IPShare Is Your Secure Legaltech Solution For Collaborating Across IP Documents In Real Time

Instant Communication

The fully-digital solution lets users chat, comment, annotate, label, rank and share in real time. IP and R&D teams no longer have to deal with untraceable email chains or waste time waiting for updates.

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Access IP Projects Anytime, Anywhere

Break the silos. Centralise IP projects across multiple teams, offices, countries, companies on one connected platform.

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IP Share Allows For Simple Sharing

Export full patent publications and accompanying annotations. Manage custom permission levels before inviting team members or clients to view or edit IPShare projects.

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Share Observations In Real Time Across Projects To Avoid Duplication Of Efforts

Seamless internal IP team collaboration and with clients

Organise all team insights around shared patent publications

Import an unlimited number of publications into a project

Create custom labels to categorise patent publications

Protect your team’s confidential contributions on Minesoft’s secure servers

Connect your IP team with inventors, attorneys, IP specialists and outside counsel

Introduce a cutting-edge LegalTech solution to bring agility to your team’s workflow

Select individual custom permissions for viewing and editing projects

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Set up your team on IPShare today

Facilitate collaboration between IP teams and inventors, attorneys, IP specialists and outside counsel,
with a central and secure LegalTech solution.


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