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Pat-KM Is Your Custom Patent Workflow Solution

Design an ideal patent knowledge management workflow to coordinate patent insights across your global corporation.

Pat-KM helps to centralise, store, and disseminate key patent records. Create internal, searchable labels and categories so that the whole network can easily locate and share patent records.

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Enabling organisations to efficiently manage huge datasets and direct important information to the right people.

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Customisable Software Package For Intellectual Property Workflows

Integrate Scattered Patent Data

Sharing patent data across teams in static spreadsheets that are often copied, edited and re-uploaded can quickly get messy. In Pat-KM, share and edit patent records in real time. Say goodbye to duplicated files!

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Custom Taxonomies

Design Pat-KM with custom categories and classifications that make sense internally. The Minesoft team will work together with you to ensure you are satisfied with the workflows set up in Pat-KM.

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Simplify IP Workflows Across Locations

Set up Pat-KM alerts to send only pertinent new patent records to relevant recipients. Alert emails prompt inspection processes that are controlled and streamlined across the organisation.

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Future-Proof Your Patent Workflows With Pat-KM

Distribute the right information to the right people

Automate search and reviewing processes with
Pat-KM alerts

Centralise all patent knowledge, search, and analysis in a single platform

Track all live changes made on any patent families

Avoid costly custom software development from scratch

Reduce time wasted sending and updating static spreadsheets

Connect users and data in an integrated solution for the whole organisation

Invest in your company’s future by building a searchable archive today

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