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Minesoft provides convenient information solutions including a global patent search and analysis database, legal alerts services, document delivery and custom workflow solutions. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can meet your patent needs.
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Explore Minesoft’s Suite of Global Patent & IP Intelligence Solutions

Our expert team of in-house developers work closely with clients to build Minesoft’s suite of optimally designed solutions for patent researchers, legal professionals and academics. Find the right solution for you.

Patent Search and Analysis

Intuitively search Minesoft’s database of global patent data, updated daily. Ensure your colleagues and clients are equipped with the right information by sharing key patent documents, data visualisations and patent family insights.

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Save time and simplify your legal workflow by employing Minesoft’s LegalTech solutions that automate key activities in prosecution. Also, boost internal collaboration, and locate important
patent records.

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IP Document Delivery

Order original copies of global patent documents seamlessly. Services include delivery of machine translations,
legal status information and patent
family equivalents.

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Legal Alerts

Remove the hassle of manually monitoring the status of patent applications, legal status and citations with Minesoft’s Alert services. Delivers to your inbox only when a change occurs.

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Custom Solutions

Need something else? Speak with a Minesoft Consultant about your needs and find out if our bespoke Knowledge Management solution or API can deliver the solution you need.

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Minesoft Supports Innovators Around The World

We recognise that innovation occurs all around the world, so our patent search platforms and convenient legal solutions fit the needs of global users in all industries. Our clients are leaders in all fields, including consumer goods, healthcare, sustainability, legal services and more.

Whichever stage you are at in your innovation journey, our knowledgeable team of international product specialists are available for personalised support and training.


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