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Founded in 1996, Minesoft is a global patent solutions provider, offering online products and services for:

  • Patent Research, Monitoring and Analysis
  • Patent Knowledge Management, Archiving and Competitive Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Document Retrieval
  • Engineering and Technology Research

Minesoft solutions are designed to help you to exploit the commercial value of IP and scientific information throughout the innovation process. Minesoft serves many Fortune 500/FTSE 100 companies around the world, as well as specialist IP, patent attorney and search firms.

In May 2003, Minesoft and RWS Group announced their agreement to develop PatBase, a new searchable database of patent documents designed by experts in the complex art of patent information research. Since the first critically acclaimed public demonstrations in 2003, PatBase has gone on to attract over 80,000 users worldwide from the best-known names in industry as well as leading patent-litigating law firms.

Minesoft has expanded its portfolio of innovative patent information products to include PatBase Express, PatBase Analytics, PatentOrder, PatentTracker, Legal StatusTracker, CiteTracker, Chemical Explorer, Pat-KM, IPShare, Tempus IP, PatDocs and PAIR Alerts.

In 2009, Minesoft won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for an outstanding achievement in rapidly growing export markets in the field of Intellectual Property (patent) information – a testament to the international success of flagship product PatBase and to the dedication of the development, sales and support staff behind it.

In 2010Minesoft was invited to partner with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in the ASPI Programme. For free or at a subsidised cost, PatBase helps researchers in some of the world’s poorest countries to develop and implement their own intellectual property strategy and find out about technological developments worldwide. Minesoft provides high-quality training and support worldwide in the field of patent searching on its product line.

In late 2014 PatBase Analytics was integrated into PatBase and PatBase Express. PatBase Analytics is an advanced patent analysis software which gives powerful insights into global patenting trends, strengthening PatBase as a leading resource for competitive intelligence research.

In 2015 a new version of Pat-KM was developed, enabling companies to capture, archive and distribute patent documents most relevant to their businesses, proving popular with top corporations.

Also, in 2015Legal StatusTracker  was launched, a service which alerts users to changes in the legal status of patent applications, granted patents and patent families.

In late 2015Chemical Explorer, the innovative solution for exploring the full text and images of patents for chemical compounds, was launched. At the time, Chemical Explorer was the first web-based full text chemical structure search tool available. Since then it has been continually developed to cover leading patent authorities which publish in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.

This continuous innovation was instrumental in Minesoft being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for a second time in 2015.  The Award was given for an impressive, sustained growth in International Trade, the company having demonstrated an outstanding achievement in rapidly growing export markets in the field of Intellectual Property (patent) information.

In 2016, Minesoft launched TextMine, a data mining tool for Full Text patents. Furthermore, Semantic Searching, Non-Patent Literature and a Thesaurus have been recently added to PatBase and PatBase Express.

In 2017, Minesoft developed PatBase Analytics V2. A new, more powerful and intuitive patent analysis platform, compatible with PatBase and PatBase Express. Users can search high-quality and comprehensive patent data and be presenting accurate and meaningful visualisations in minutes. An ideal way to share complex patent data with management teams, decision makers and clients who may not have patent know-how.

In 2018, Minesoft re-designed and updated PatDocs, a product designed to help IP legal professionals with tasks such as automated IDS output, easy visualisation of a priority map (at any level of complexity) and unique access to USPTO data with the popular PAIR Alerts.

At end of 2018, Minesoft received the award for Best Business at the regional chamber of commerce business awards and co-founder Ann Chapman-Daniel received the award for Best Female Entrepreneur.

In 2019, Minesoft released an online application suitable for IP firms, patent search firms and other IP professionals. IPShare was developed to make it easier for IP professionals to collaborate, share data & insights with clients or end users, and utilise a secure, centralised location for all their prior art or other patent and non-patent literature.

Also, in 2019, co-founder Ann Chapman-Daniel was honoured to be named in German Online Information Industry magazine “PASSWORD” as the Information Professional of the year. An indicator of Minesoft’s influence in this market. By the end of the year, Minesoft expanded and solidified its presence in the German and US markets with the formation of Minesoft GmbH and Minesoft LLC.

To finish the year on a high note, Minesoft was named LegalTech company of year in the UK and Internationally by ACQ5, an indication of the success of the recently launched solutions aimed at legal professionals, such as IPShare, PatDocs and new search capabilities in PatBase.

Minesoft meets the needs of its fast-growing global client base through an international customer support network, tailored training and a range of essential resources. With a reputation for combining well-designed user interfaces and cutting-edge technology with responsive service, our goal is to remain one step ahead.

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