Extract essential chemical information from full text patents

  • Instantly retrieve chemical compounds from the full text of patent documents
  • Searchable database of chemical compounds indexed from the text and images of millions of patent documents
  • Updated daily and covers leading patent authorities which publish in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages
  • Intuitive interface with full chemical structure drawing capability
  • Flexible search options, including the ability to search by identity, similarity or substructure
  • Direct links to external sources for further research

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Chemical Structure Searching for full text patents

Instantly retrieves chemical compounds from the full text of millions of patent documents, start viewing results in seconds.

Chemical terminology such as names, including trade and IUPAC names can be searched, and direct links to external sources are included to enable further research.

Full Chemical Structure drawing capability and the ability to import/export chemical structures.

Flexible search options, including the ability to search by identity, similarity or substructure.

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Chemical Explorer is a new chemical database from Minesoft created using data-mining technology. TextMine is an advanced new viewer designed by Minesoft offering outstanding new reviewing capabilities to identify chemical molecules, genes, proteins, diseases, polymers and physical parameters within the full text of patent documents.

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Extract, visualise and explore relevant patents in-depth using TextMine

TextMine is a powerful software developed by Minesoft for investigating the full text of patent documents.

TextMine identifies chemicals of interest within the patent full text and hyperlinks the chemical name or image to the structure and to external resources.

Speed up review with automatic highlighting and uncover new terms or synonyms that may have been missed.

Single-click access to further information e.g. PubChem, WolframAlpha, MESH.

Investigate the patent full text in detail to explore the chemical, genetic, physical, disease, and polymers disclosed.

Explore Chemistry with global coverage

With the aid of Minesoft Chemical Explorer and TextMine, searchers can locate patent documents by drawing chemical structures or by searching chemical names.

The first web-based patent full text chemical structure search tool available, covering leading patent authorities including: the US, European Patent Office (EPO), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Germany, France, Japan, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, India, Russia.

Chemical Explorer covers over 15 patent-issuing authorities and contains over 18 million unique chemical compounds from over 16 million full text patent documents (as of September 2018).

Updated daily as new patents publish, ensuring users have access to the very latest information.

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Search intuitively

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Ability to look-up a chemical structure using chemical terminology such as generic or trade names

Review results efficiently

  • View results from Chemical Explorer directly in PatBase or PatBase Express
  • Specific publications disclosing the chemical of interest are quickly identified
  • Identify the exact location of the chemical within the full text document

Overcome language barriers

  • Instantly translate chemical terminology on the fly
  • Side by side machine translations are available to identify the context of the disclosure

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