Automatically monitor newly published patent citations

  • An innovative, new and simple alert service for monitoring patent citations saving hours of time every week
  • Easy to read dynamic weekly report of new citations
  • Current awareness – who is citing your patents and what are they citing?
  • Easy to read dynamic weekly report of new citations
  • Share your results with colleagues and clients and access previous results for reference
  • Eliminates the need to run time-consuming manual searches for new citations
  • Cost effective – one fixed low annual price

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Rely on Minesoft’s CiteTracker

CiteTracker monitors global patent citation activity and sends weekly alerts by email, delivering a concise report of new citations as they are added to the patent documents being watched.

CiteTracker takes into account new patent families that may be created and is therefore guaranteed not to miss any valuable new information.

A customisable patent search query identifies the patent families of interest to the user and monitors all backward and forward citations for these families.

Users benefit from CiteTracker’s unique visualisation tools, filtering, reporting and sharing options, as well as the ability of gaining a time advantage over the competition.

The streamlined interface includes seamless links to Citation Explorer – an interactive tool developed by Minesoft for exploring citation data including a citation tree and timeline.

Gain actionable competitive intelligence with CiteTracker

Patent citations provide valuable insight into competitor activity and can identify opportunities and threats for technology areas of interest.

Tracking patent citations forms an important part of an organisation’s competitive intelligence strategy.

CiteTracker monitors who is citing your patent portfolio, your competitor’s patent portfolio and which technologies are being cited most frequently.

Analyse backward citations, to discover prior art and inventions related to your own.

Analytics functionality has been built into CiteTracker, enabling users to visualise the number of citations over time and the top assignees.

Discover CiteTracker today!

CiteTracker quickly identifies competitors in your area of interest and discovers market adjacencies by utilising both forward and background citation connections in patent documents and technology classifications. CiteTracker is the ideal Competitive Intelligence resource for patent attorneys, lawyers, IP Counsel, R&D, search firms, licensing and technology transfer offices to monitor patent citations easily.

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CiteTracker is a unique and trusted alert service for monitoring new patent citations

Results can be easily shared with colleagues and clients and previous results can be accessed for reference.

Fully automated from alert set-up to results delivery.

Eliminates the need to run time consuming manual searches for new citations and allows organisations to easily track who is citing their patents and what they are citing with a weekly dynamic report.

Features such as the ability to filter citations by direction (backward/forward), jurisdiction, examiner category code and assignee, and the option to remove self-citations, speed up the review process.

Use CiteTracker to easily monitor patent citations
and to keep a close eye on:

  • Who is citing your company’s patents?
  • Who is citing your clients’ patents?
  • Who is citing a particular technology?
  • What is being cited against your own patents?
  • Which new competitors are in your space?
  • What licensing opportunities are emerging?

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