An online application for project-based collaboration, tailored to the IP industry

The ideal solution to encourage productivity and communication between staff, and to share insights with clients and end users

  • Project-based working
  • Secured centralised location
  • Customisable permission levels
  • Collaboration tools including annotations, chat messages, highlighting and more...
  • Communicate with end users and clients
  • Extensive export options available

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Store data in one secure location

Centralised, secure collaborative application for the intellectual property industry that enables 24/7 access to any user, at any time

An IPShare Project is an exportable collection of patents and non-patent literature, with no limit on number of documents stored

Access and manage your current and past projects, communicating effectively even across borders and share results with your stakeholders

Encourage collaboration

Project teams can collaborate across a business unit locally or globally with ease

Enhance productivity by annotating, highlighting and labelling documents within a project

Members of a project team can utilise chat messages to improve collaboration within the application

Coloured labels can be added to create or match your own internal classification system

Multiple user groups can be assigned to a project with completely customisable permission levels

Share insights with clients

IPShare puts power in your hands as a way to communicate and share innovation insight with end clients securely

Export a detailed project or even the entire project (including full text/bibliographic information for each document) if necessary as an Excel file

IPShare replaces static reports and is always up to date with links to drill into details as needed. With highly controlled administrative access, everything from read/write and publication addition or deletion can be controlled and varied depending on each commercial case

Export and share valuable data

Export all data from a project, or a project summary depending on the level of detail required

Once exported this complete set of data can be shared with whoever you wish

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  • Highlighted annotations and chat messages make it easy to collaborate on a project
  • Easy to track all work that has been done on each document or on the project in general (and by who!)
  • Easily search across a project to find specific documents
  • Intuitive workspace


  • Extensive export options in place to share insights with ease
  • Permission levels completely customisable so clients only see what you want them to see
  • Ranking system for each document makes it easy to spot important information within a project
  • Labels, highlighting sets and embedded communication help end users or clients to interrogate the data fully

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