Our new web based alerting service

You can be the first to know when:

  • A patent is granted in a certain country
  • The ownership of a patent changes
  • Opposition has filed against a patent
  • A patent application has been abandoned or withdrawn
  • If there’s a change in status for a whole patent family

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Legal StatusTracker eliminates the need for time consuming manual checks

Keeping on top of legal status events that occur over the lifetime of patents of interest is an important but traditionally very time-consuming task.

Legal StatusTracker is the effective stress-free way to monitor changes to the legal status of patent applications, granted patents and patent families.

Receive automatic email alerts whenever a change occurs, eliminating the need for lengthy manual legal status checks.

Provide your Legal/IP department with a self-service legal status tracking tool today!

Rely on Minesoft’s Legal StatusTracker

Stay informed of every aspect of change in legal status. We provide world-wide coverage and send you automatic email alerts when a change occurs. Track changes published weekly to INPADOC, USPTO PAIR, Japanese National Office, SIPO, DPMA and INPI legal status data. No alert too big, or too small! From broad alerts based on legal status groups to pinpointing specific INPADOC legal status codes. Management features allow administrators to manage hundreds of thousands of alerts across many different users with ease. Intuitive web interface to create and manage alerts, define settings, and view an archive of historic changes. Detailed online Changes Report shows exactly what changed and when.

Discover Legal StatusTracker today!

The new service is the latest addition to Minesoft’s suite of innovative patent information Solutions and Tracking services, which includes Minesoft Pat-KM, the patent knowledge management solution and CiteTracker, the automated patent citations watch service.

Ideal for Patent Attorneys, Lawyers, IP Counsel, R&D Information professionals, Search Firms and Licensing and Technology Transfer to help manage internal and external patent portfolios

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Gain actionable competitive intelligence with Legal StatusTracker

Legal StatusTracker alerts patent professionals to even the slightest change in legal status of a patent or list of patents.

Receive automatic alerts to specified legal status changes for your own or competitor portfolios, such as opposition filings, applications being withdrawn or grants in certain countries.

Legal StatusTracker is an effective new tool for competitive intelligence, allowing companies to carry out targeted monitoring of risks and opportunities as applications progress through various national offices.

Why use Legal StatusTracker?

  • Keep an eye on patent applications, granted patents and patent families

  • Track third party patents to gain useful competitive intelligence

  • Watch a handful or hundreds of patent applications reliably and cost-effectively

  • Track legal status changes with confidence by monitoring data directly from the USPTO, INPADOC, DPMA, INPI, JPO and SIPO

Discover Legal StatusTracker today!

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