Search the FDA’s authoritative approved drug database for free

  • Free to access tool for searching the FDA database, ideal for the pharmaceutical and generics industry
  • Fully integrated into PatBase, Minesoft’s flagship global patent database
  • A powerful user-friendly, intuitive interface for searching the FDA drug database
  • Access a vital resource for competitive intelligence
  • Easy searching by name, active ingredient, applicant, application number or exclusivity expiry date

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Search for expiring patents by applicant name, expiration year or patent number.

Search results are tabulated, listing application number, patent number, patent expiry date, proprietary name, active ingredient, and applicant.

Select an application number from the list of results to see the full record for that FDA application number


Search for patents coming to the end of their exclusivity period by company name or year.

Ideal for freedom to operate searches for the pharmaceutical industry.

Select the application number to see the full record for that FDA number.

Selecting the exclusivity code takes the user to the code description for further information.


The combined search option allows the user to select from a list of 4 field options (applicant, proprietary name, application number or active ingredient) and combine 2 separate selections together using a Boolean operator.

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Boolean search option

  • Allows combination searching for expiring patents by applicant, active ingredient, proprietary name or application number.

Graphical results view

  • Users can visualise their results graphically as either a bar chart separated by applicant/company name or a pie chart for a specific year segmented by company name.


  • All results are tabulated and sortable, with links out to the US Clinical Trials database when selecting active ingredients, proprietary names or company names and links to the full record when selecting application number.

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