Minesoft's cost-effective Public PAIR Alerts are improving the monitoring of all US cases...

Receive alerts directly to your inbox every day, week, month or quarter and only when a change occurs

  • Track critical internal applications for the timeliest actionable insight
  • Competitive tracking of key applications which pose either a risk or opportunity
  • Docketing foresight and quality control
  • Identify unpublished child applications filed for a case of interest, and choose whether to automatically receive updates on these applications
  • Utilise the Family Tree tool to visualise the relationships between patents in the same family
  • Clients are only alerted if there is a change in an application
  • Alerts may be consolidated into a single email, or one email per group of related Alerts

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Track changes for competitive intelligence

Minesoft’s PAIR Alerts provide easy to read update emails summarising changes to key applications sent directly to your inbox every day, week, month or quarter.

Track competitors to see which patent applications pose a risk or opportunity for your company

Make reliable strategic decisions, fast

Visualise patent family relationships with the Family Tree

Minesoft’s automated PAIR Alerts provide an ultra-deep dive into all activity from the USPTO through the monitoring of file histories and family trees

Understand relationships between patent documents in the same family using the Family Tree, displaying patent family members in the style of a genealogy tree

Family Trees can be shared with anyone, even if they are not a subscriber

The shared Family Tree will retain your customised layout settings and listed authorities

The sharable links use live data, so any new applications will appear on the tree when it is revisited!

Discover PAIR Alerts today!

The new PAIR Alerts service is the latest addition to Minesoft’s suite of innovative patent information solutions and tracking services.


Increase your efficiency with automated alerts

Minesoft’s super cost-effective PAIR Alerts are simplifying the monitoring of US and international patent data, making it far more efficient than ever before

Receive direct links to the complete file history, transaction history and continuity data while bypassing the extra USPTO captcha step

Receive updates when child records have been filed but are not yet published and if an asset has expired through PAIR legal status monitoring included in the alerts

Consolidate all alerts into one email, and only receive alerts when there is a change

Save time and effort but stay well-informed

Take a look inside

Minesoft's PAIR alerts will monitor the following data and send updates directly to your inbox the week changes are tracked at the USPTO or international patent offices:

  • PAIR status & date
  • File history contents page
  • Full transaction history
  • Continuity data
  • New sharable and ground-breaking family tree included for all cases
  • Only get an email if or when a change occurs

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