Harness your organisation's patent knowledge

  • Central location for monitoring, searching, reviewing and sharing patent information
  • Streamlined interface enables easy integration into daily use
  • Value-added patent information can be distributed effectively on a global scale
  • Manage global patent data with integrated workflow and customised taxonomies
  • In-built analysis and visualisation tools to identify and monitor competitors
  • Explore new areas of interest and keep your essential patent intelligence safe

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Pat-KM provides access to global patent data with integrated workflow for monitoring, classification and dissemination of relevant patent records.

Fast, on-target distribution of newly published data via automated feeds.

Different user types can be set up to access and engage with the data in different ways.

Pat-KM allows key personnel the ability to review highly targeted, pertinent patent documents and make better, faster, patent related decisions.

Knowledge Management

Capture, maximize and share both internal and external patent knowledge.

Safeguard your data by applying custom taxonomies to create a searchable, central archive of patent information relevant to your organisation.

Keeping you vigilant by directing pertinent information to specific users for further evaluation.

Encourages collaboration and empowers end-users to engage with patent information more directly.

Separate archives can be maintained for different business units within the same organisation.

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Competitive Intelligence

Capture, archive and distribute the most up-to-date, relevant Competitive Intelligence for your business.

Keep track of critical patenting activity around the world, not only yours but also that of your competitors.

Increase your current awareness with regular Alerts of newly published global patent data.

Competitive advantage gained by effectively monitoring competitor patent portfolios.

Solution for effectively managing large volume of patent data and extracting what is important.

Seamless integration into daily use

Pat-KM enables effective collaboration between Intellectual Property, Legal and Patent Professionals, Product Managers, Licensing Departments, Information Specialists and Research and Development.

With Minesoft’s Pat-KM solution you can manage the influx of new and existing patent applications published around the world, leveraging internal expertise for further classification and dissemination of patent documents.

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