Enabling patent searching and analysis across the entire corporation

  • Intuitive and streamlined interface
  • Worldwide coverage, high quality data and detailed indexing
  • Compatible with Analytics V3
  • Designed to optimise research productivity - express searching with no training required
  • Investigate patents by technology, company or assigned number
  • PatBase Express user interface is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese

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The intuitive patent database for searching global patent literature across the entire corporation

Designed to make patent information accessible throughout the company to users at all levels: from engineers and R&D researchers to licensing professionals, business analysts and patent attorneys.

140+ million patent and related documents from over 105 countries, updated weekly.

Access the same comprehensive data as PatBase, with a streamlined interface.

Organised into patent families to save time and reduce duplication.

Strict quality control checks behind the scenes maintain the highest standards of data.

Discover hidden patents with the Semantic Search Module.

Non-Patent Literature searching strengthens the foundation of knowledge in fields of interest.

Easy-to-use Analysis tools to expand your understanding of your result set

Unearth relevant chemical, genetic, physical and disease terms in the patent full text using Textmine.

Identify the legal milestones within a lifetime of a patent using the Legal Status timeline.

Gain instant oversight of your result set with in-depth summary pages using Snapshot.

Retrieve additional keywords and terms to build a comprehensive search strategy with Visual Explorer.


PatBase Express is compatible with Analytics V3.

Visualise patent data through the analysis of detailed and transparent graphs to extract meaningful insights, gain competitive intelligence and understand the landscape.


Take PatBase Express for a test drive

Speed up your research with patent data from over 105 countries on a single platform. Ensure your transition to PatBase Express is easy with free training and a helpful support team to guide you throughout.

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Innovative tools to ensure comprehensiveness

PatBase Express offers a streamlined, easy-to-use interface whilst still providing access to a suite of in-built search tools to assist users to locate the right information.

Identify and add synonyms, keywords, acronyms and translations of terms to a search strategy with PatBase Thesaurus.

Corporate Tree visualises your portfolio and that of your competitors for actionable competitive intelligence.

Run keyword searches in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai with Non-Latin Search.

The Term Translator translates a keyword(s) into non-Latin languages; users can determine how narrow or broad the translation should be.

Narrow down searches with the Optimise Search to retrieve concise, relevant results.

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Search intuitively

  • User-friendly interface and streamlined workflow
  • Identify emerging trends and opportunities
  • Analyse and visualise patent data in different ways

Collaborate effectively

  • Transfer knowledge company-wide
  • Share results and alerts with colleagues

Overcome language barriers

  • Cross-lingual search tools and millions of machine translations

Order patent document copies

  • Integrated, fast PatentOrder document delivery service

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