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Avoid the burden of manually checking the US Patent Center website with automatic monitoring of all US cases

Receive alerts on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis containing all changes over the selected period. No changes – no email! Monitor file history, transaction history and all continuity data.

You can now track both US and international file histories!

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100% confidential
and secure


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Top IP law firms and innovative companies are saving hours every day with Minesoft’s PAIR Alerts.

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PAIR Alerts provide the actionable data to respond quickly to an ever-changing marketplace
Gain competitive intelligence

Receive timely information about which patents are issuing, being abandoned or undergoing re-examination directly to your inbox.

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Save time and money

PAIR Alerts are designed to track patent prosecution with optimal efficiency at an affordable price point, giving you the power to reallocate resources within your organisation. Whether you’re analysing litigation exposure, trying to get a jump start on post-grant review options or crafting research and development plans.

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Always confidential and secure

None of Minesoft’s services are outsourced to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and security for our clients. Industry leaders around the world trust us with their most sensitive IP needs.

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Competitive tracking of key applications which pose either a threat or opportunity

Easily manage and disseminate information, even across multiple offices

Receive alerts directly to your inbox

One click through to the Family Tree to see all priority relationships

Identify and monitor unpublished child applications for cases of interest

Monitor file histories from USPTO, JPO, KIPO, EPO and WIPO

Track critical internal applications for the timeliest actionable insight

Docketing foresight and quality control

Only receive an alert if there is a change in an application

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