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Automate Manual Patent Tracking With A One-Time Patent Number Search

Set up automatic alerts for patent applications with Minesoft’s PatentTracker and receive updates of any patent register change.

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75+ countries patent family information
100+ hours saved

Let the numbers

do the talking…

Minesoft has built relationships with patent offices around the world to provide one of the most comprehensive patent datasets available.

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Reduce Stress With This Self-Service Patent Tracking Solution For Legal And IP Departments

Save Time By Automating Patent Register Checks

PatentTracker sends weekly or monthly updates of all tracked applications to your inbox.

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Discover New Developments

Keep on top of changes such as patent grants, expiry or selected register events.

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Great Value Patent Monitoring

Watch multiple registers for the price of a single alert.

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Let PatentTracker Do The Work For You

Save time by automating manual registry checks

Cost-effective alerts track multiple registers for the price of a single alert

Easy to manage, central solution for all alerts

Global coverage across over 50 national registers

Watch competitor activity by tracking third-party patents

Track your patent applications through all steps of the grant procedure to expiry

Secure solution hosted and maintained by Minesoft

Reliable alerts deliver all updates by email

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Set Up A PatentTracker Alert

Enter a patent application number to track, then relax and wait for the update email to arrive.


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