PatBase 2.0
Press release

Minesoft & RWS announce the release of PatBase 2.0

Minesoft, a leading online software solutions provider for the Intellectual Property (IP) sector, has announced the release of the new search engine for PatBase 2.0, the global patent database, in co-operation with RWS, a world leading translation company. This will be the biggest update to the platform since its launch in 2003 and will be available from 7th September 2020. 

Users will be able to take advantage of lightning fast speed with a powerful system that can easily handle millions of documents at once. The new system makes use of cutting-edge indexing technology which runs simultaneously and seamlessly across a large cluster of servers. When all combined, the new system provides some extraordinary performance improvements and new ways of working with vastly streamlined workflows. Working closely with user feedback, the Minesoft software development team has taken the opportunity to add to, update and improve many features and search capabilities.

At the same time, Users will benefit from the new cloud-based implementation of PatBase 2.0, in an RWS-led project that offers better resilience to improved overall security in a state-of-the-art client focussed solution for a high demand application like PatBase.

The new search engine software development allows us to ramp PatBase up a few gears in search, display and analysis – the core ingredients needed to handle an ever-growing searchable resource, currently containing over 140m patent documents.  Staff teams at Minesoft and RWS continued to work effectively on this major innovative step all throughout the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and we are very pleased to be able to release it to all our clients today”, commented Ann Chapman-Daniel, Minesoft co-founder and CEO.

Rahman Hyatt, long time Minesoft shareholder and Global Commercial Director commented that “having worked with clients over the past few months who have tested the new PatBase Search Engine, I am very excited to roll this out to all our customers on September 7th.  The feedback has been exceptional and importantly our existing customers can start using the new version with virtually no training as we have been able to maintain all the existing commands and functions so much used in PatBase”.

RWS COO of RWS IP Research, Peter Vanderheyden pointed out how “PatBase 2.0 will enable publication level indexing and searching as well as traditional patent family retrieval.  This broadens the appeal of PatBase within individual countries such as USA. We are excited to see this new release of PatBase, which will not only enable publication level searching for the first time but will do so on a state-of-the-art cloud-based system. Users will see an immediate and overall improvement in performance

Minesoft develops web-based patent search & software solutions offering searchable databases, competitive intelligence tracking, patent analytics and customised corporate knowledge management. Minesoft’s clients include Fortune 500/FTSE 100 type companies around the world, national IP Offices, IP Legal and Patent Attorney firms. PatBase is a very large, curated, private collection of patents, utility models and industrial designs containing 140 million documents at the time of writing from over 100 countries, over 74 of which can be searched and viewed in full-text with high quality machine translations and a variety of interface languages (e.g. English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish) available.

RWS is an acknowledged world leader in translation, localisation and intellectual property support solutions, offering the highest quality patent translations, a seamless global filing experience and a range of IP search services.


Press contact: Caitlin Kavanagh ([email protected])