commercialising IP webinar
Minesoft’s Introduction to
Commercialising IP Webinar

Last week, Minesoft hosted an informative webinar entitled “An Introduction to Commercialising IP with PatBase”, part of the Strategic IP webinar series. This free webinar series aims to shine a spotlight on hot IP topics, from Patent Landscaping to Commercialising your IP, hosted by Minesoft experts, and often including guest speakers! More…

patbase 2.0 webinar
New Minesoft webinar series to
introduce PatBase 2.0!

PatBase 2.0 will be launched next Monday, September 7th, 2020!  

Following the launch of the new Search Engine, the Minesoft Support team will be running webinars for our customers to cover what is new in PatBase, PatBase Express and PatBase Analytics V3.  The well-liked previous syntax of commands is carried over but there are numerous new possibilities for in-depth searching very fast and this will be demonstrated in the new Webinar Series.  More…

Introducing Minesoft’s new Strategic
IP Webinars

Join Minesoft’s innovation experts in a new series of exclusive live IP webinars to learn how you can improve your own innovation strategy. Many R&D professionals overlook the importance of doing patent research before starting projects, exposing them to threats from disruptive innovators, competitors and wasted time, money and effort. More…

Minesoft announces more free
PatBase training webinars

From March 2020, Minesoft Support will be running free monthly training webinars on PatBase News, Getting Started With PatBase and PatBase Express: An Introduction.

At the end of every session we will open the floor to take any questions and feedback you may have. The webinars are on a rolling schedule each month, so if you miss a session you can always register to attend the following month. More…