Minesoft updates

Minesoft updates

It’s an exciting time to be working at Minesoft with the last few months really gearing towards the future and we have some important updates to share with you! The global Minesoft team has been working incredibly hard behind the scenes, preparing for the launch of Minesoft Origin, our new AI-powered patent search platform. Officially launched in April, Minesoft Origin incorporates artificial intelligence that uses Natural Language Processing to simplify patent searching and facilitate the review of patent documents for R&D and IP Legal professionals.   More…

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Minesoft wins big at Regional
Chamber of Commerce Business

Minesoft wins big at the Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Awards

The Minesoft team were thrilled to win the awards for Customer Service and Digital Marketing at the recent Richmond Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

The annual business awards organised by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce – one of the accredited nationwide British Chambers of Commerce – are a recognition and celebration of regional business success.