Australian patents: Innovations from the other side of the world

Intellectual Property (IP) is defined by the Australian government as “the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge. It is a productive new idea you create. This can be an invention, trademark, design, brand or even the application of your idea.” 

Hence, IP covers a range of products, used in differentiating one business or company from another. IP is often a significant percentage of a business or company’s total asset value. For many businesses and companies, the value of their IP assets is actually worth more than the value of their physical assets. This is reflected in the number of applications for patents made in Australia (and across the world too!). 

Graph showing number of Australian patents filed for over the past 10 years

In Australia, IP rights are secured by a broad range of industry sectors as the scope of technologies which can now be protected continues to grow. For example, the top assignees filing in Australia over the past 10 years include companies from the pharmaceutical, oil and tech industries.

Graph showing top companies filing patents in Australia

The most frequently used IPC codes in Australian patents over the past 10 highlight the most popular technology areas in the country and are predominantly related t0 biomedical and chemical sciences. The IPC code A61K31 (inventions relating to medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients) has grown quickly in Australia over the past 10 years, significantly surpassing the growth of other popular fields.

Australian patents: Medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients

Graph showing volume of Australian patents using IPC code A61K31

Looking at the last 20 years by number of granted patents issued in Australia for this technology area show that it has been relatively volatile, with a sharp spike between 2009 and 2011. The number of grants has gradually decreased since 2011 although it still remains a popular field.

Top concepts for IPC code A61K31 in Australia

Some of the key concepts in this technology area for this jurisdiction are: protein kinase, combination therapy, antigen binding fragment, stratum corneum etc.


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