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Avoid millions in wasted R&D loss in 2023 with Minesoft’s patent solutions!

Hit the ground running in 2023 and avoid millions in wasted R&D loss with Minesoft’s suite of patent solutions. Developed with our clients in mind, our patent intelligence platforms make it easy to explore any technology area to avoid infringement and parallel development.

All of the greatest, most renowned inventions start with an idea; patents are often the first and only source of these ideas as many are never published elsewhere. Hence, companies around the world are protective of the value in their own intellectual property (IP) and realise the importance of monitoring the IP of their competitors. Minesoft is a world-renowned service provider for the Intellectual Property industry, to help companies harness the knowledge found in patents, gain competitive intelligence and build on the ideas of others to drive innovation worldwide.  


Analysing large amounts of patent information can reveal relationships and trends that would be hard to discern when working on a patent-by-patent basis but the importance of a micro-level analysis as part of a comprehensive strategy shouldn’t be underestimated. To understand the ‘big picture’ that can be painted from an analysis of a set of patent data, it is worth taking a step back to look at the individual patent.  

PatBase’s family structure collates all necessary information on one invention in one place and reduces duplication. When viewing results, users can see schematics and concept drawings from the entire patent family, with mosaic images of all inventions included the original application.  


Patent analysis can be used to provide insight across an entire organisation, including patent specialists and non-patent professionals. Research and Development departments benefit from an in-depth analysis of technological developments in their field of expertise and identification of opportunities for new product development in low-risk areas to avoid wasted R&D time and costs. Innovation-driven companies around the world provide their researchers and engineers with access to patent search and analysis tools, like PatBase, to allow them to explore the landscape on their own.  

Minesoft’s analytical platform, PatBase Analytics (fully compatible with PatBase Express) enables its users to visualise market trends and key competitors as well as identifying potential business partners and licensing opportunities. With over 70% of the world’s scientific knowledge found within patents, this tool can arm a corporation’s R&D team with the knowledge needed to develop their innovations with an accurate representation of the current landscape – to avoid wasting potential millions on redundant work.  


Minesoft’s suite of patent solutions support R&D and IP teams, making it easier to search and identify patents for a range of technologies and processes. SMEs, academic institutions and big corporations can gain insight into how others are tackling an issue to help inform their own responses. With over 60 full text collections, including non-Latin data, PatBase provides access to patent literature generated from key countries around the world.  

In just a few minutes, PatBase and integrated PatBase Analytics can be used to identify key players in the space for licensing agreements, locate expired IP that is open for use. Whether you have a practical problem to solve, valuable IP you wish to keep track of or competitors to monitor, Minesoft’s solutions have you covered. 

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