A test flight was recently conducted in the UK’s Lake District as a collaboration between the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) and Gravity Industries, founded by inventor Richard Browning. Browning previously received media attention for his flight suit invention and was nicknamed “real-life Iron Man” (referring to the Marvel superhero). The flight suit is made up of multiple engines which allow the wearer to pilot their flight using their arms and body to steer while in the air. This test flight demonstrates how the cross-industry application of inventions can lead to disruptive innovation.

Gravity Industries has demonstrated this invention in multiple videos, some of which have been viewed multiple millions of times by viewers around the world. These demonstrations caught the attention of Andy Mawson, Director of Operations at GNAAS. This is how talks for the invention’s application in critical care services came about. The jet suit could allow a paramedic to access people in critical need stuck in hard to reach areas such as the fell mountains in the Lake District in just 90 seconds, as opposed to 30 minutes. For people who have suffered a heart attack or in other time-sensitive emergencies, the jet pack could save their lives. The test flight proved that the application of a jet pack in critical care is a feasible possibility.

Gravity Inc's Jet Pack Patent Drawing

Source: PatBase (Family Number: 65466507)

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