easter eggs

Egg-ceptional Inventions: How Patents Have Transformed Easter Traditions! 

Easter has long been associated with Easter bunnies and egg painting. These traditions date to ancient pagan festivals that celebrated the arrival of spring and new life. Today, these symbols have become an integral part of the modern celebration of Easter. In light of the Easter holiday that took place earlier this week, we shed light on some patented inventions that allowed the Easter Bunny to thrive.   

Chocolate egg mould 

While the chocolate egg originated in France and Germany in the nineteenth century, the first patented chocolate mould came from a British company called J S FRY AND SONS, which was later merged with the still popular Cadbury company in 1919. The patent describes a new type of chocolate mould capable of producing two separate hollow chocolate pieces connected along a common axis. This allows the product to be easily closed and the chocolate to be poured into the mould and cooled to produce the final product. While technology has evolved, a similar version of this production method is still used to this day to produce hollow chocolate eggs.   

Easter patented inventions

Rotating Egg Colouring Device 

Colouring eggs are always a fun activity for the whole family. In 1974, a device was patented that made it easier to colour Easter eggs. The device works by placing an egg into the contraption, which spins it while a colouring tool is pressed against it. You can also use the machine’s pre-made templates to create unique designs on the egg. This device was marketed to families as a fun way to create one-of-a-kind designs. It is also a great way to avoid the mess that traditional egg dyeing methods usually entail.  

  Easter patented inventions

Hinged plastic easter egg  

The Easter Bunny has become a beloved Easter symbol, often associated with the delivery of chocolate eggs and candy to children. This patented Easter egg, invented in 1978, is made of plastic and looks like a regular egg, but it is held shut by a unique hinge. While the hinge is open, you can place candies or toys inside; they will appear hidden but are still accessible by simply opening the egg. The design, which is still used today, has proven to bring joy to children worldwide.  

Easter patented inventions

These patented inventions have not only made Easter more enjoyable but also contributed to the growth of the confectionery industry, with chocolate eggs and bunny-shaped candies becoming staples of the holiday. The Easter Bunny has become a beloved symbol of Easter, thanks in part to these patented inventions that have helped to bring joy and excitement to children and adults alike.  

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