minesoft webinar

In the next instalment of Minesoft’s Strategic IP Webinar series, we will be joined by Al Etheridge – Founder of Atlanta Patent Services. On April 14th, at 1 PM ET, Al will run his first webinar in partnership with Minesoft titled “Starting with a search: Patent searching from conception to market”.

Over the course of a few webinars, Al will present his top tips for patent searching at every stage of inventing, from idea conception through to market. In the legal world, patents start at disclosure, but maximising a patent’s value in the market starts well before that. Intelligently incorporating searching throughout the path from idea to market, optimises and economises product development and market value.

In this free webinar on April 14th, Al will present his tried and tested workflow on the market-leading global patent database, PatBase. Utilising the game-changing Custom User Fields feature.

Custom User Fields are an embedded categorisation and organisation tool within PatBase that can be set up by admin users to guide their team’s workflow. With Custom User Fields, the 145+ million global patent documents available in the powerful patent database can be reviewed, labelled, and searched with custom categories, labels and rankings that provide more targeted review processes across an organisation.

Users can set Custom User Fields to define custom values and attach them to records. For example, in a Design for Patentability search, PatBase Users can map open-ended inventive ideas across a collection of relevant patents to discover where whitespace exists in the technology landscape, helping to refine and finalise novel claims or the market direction of the invention in development.

Join us on April 14th, at 1 PM ET for Minesoft’s free webinar when Al will demonstrate Custom User Fields in the context of a Design for Patentability search, showing how PatBase can be utilised in an advanced way to maximise the value of a patent even in the pre-patent stage.

As a researcher, engineer, scientist, strategist, academic, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur, Al’s career has been spent working within the fuzzy front-end of innovation to bring ideas from the mind to the market.

Al Founded Atlanta Patent Services (APS) to provide expert research to lawyers, companies, and entrepreneurs – tightly integrating search and legal to optimize the critical initial stages of patent prosecution and lay the groundwork for successful execution.

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