New book features Minesoft chapter
on how SMEs can leverage IP to
accelerate growth

Minesoft’s newly published chapter in Novaro’s Winning with IP: Managing High-Growth Intellectual Property outlines a tried-and-tested method for anyone at any stage of business to better understand and take advantage of intellectual property for a competitive edge.

This chapter emphasises the relative value of existing patents and other intellectual property for protection and guidance in a competitive market. Patenting activity is a strong indicator of growth. When analysed on a powerful patent search and analysis platform such as PatBase, it can provide innovators with brand new insights and competitor information not available anywhere else. Exploiting this information is vital, especially in fast-developing industries, such as high-tech, where the likelihood of reaching the high-growth status is 110% higher for SMEs that have filed one or more European patents.

The process of extracting information from highly technical international patent documents, often published in different languages, can seem like a daunting and almost impossible task. However, this chapter delivers a practical method to tackle this challenge, directly to the hands of the reader. Step-by-step recommendations in this chapter guide the reader through a full landscape analysis, defining key questions to answer and highlights key patent areas to explore for extracting the right information, for example, within patent citations.

Anyone with a foot in a highly competitive and fast-moving industry can benefit from Minesoft’s chapter. There is a treasure trove of market revealing insights that can be unearthed in a patent database, just waiting to be extracted.

The book, Winning with IP: Managing High-Growth Intellectual Property, is available to purchase now from Novaro Publishing’s website in the form of a physical copy or ebook. Use the discount code 25off-ip2 for 25% off!

Minesoft also offers a commitment-free 2-week free trial of PatBase. Register your interest on the PatBase website and a Minesoft representative will be in touch shortly to get you set up.

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