Patent Software Solutions


Published: 2 March 2020

Patent Software Solutions for sharing crucial patent data


The availability of patent data has allowed many organisations to infuse it into the decision-making process across the IP lifecycle. Departments from research and development, legal, licensing, risk management and business leaders all now gain some form of intelligence which is influenced by patent data. Whether it be for competitive assessments or internal information management.

Minesoft has invested in extensive development efforts to make all forms of our patent data easy to share in all our Patent Software Solutions. In-house legal teams are encouraged to export or publish patent information and make it available to the likes of supporting outside counsel, third parties for litigation support, business partners and other stakeholders who could benefit from viewing. Such recipients do not need to have their own subscription access to Minesoft products or services, although many do decide to adopt the same online patent tools for their ease of use and shareability in the other direction, too.