Press release

Minesoft is pleased to announce the release of an innovative new search interface development that has been added to PatBase. The new, multi-disciplinary “PatBase Thesaurus” offers new capability and features as well as incorporating previously available search functionality and options that can now be found in one area of the Menu-driven Search Interface.  “Chemical Search”, “Language Explorer” (translation of specialised Sci-Tech terminology), the PatBase Dictionary and the newly designed Thesaurus have been brought together into one easy-to-use section of the PatBase Search Interface, allowing clients to drill down further into areas of interest. The service allows users to identify and add synonyms, keywords, acronyms and translations of particular terms to a PatBase search strategy, optimising the way patent & technology researchers can locate patents. A type-ahead functionality makes it even easier to identify term(s) of interest, find synonyms and ultimately search selected synonyms in PatBase.

PatBase Thesaurus has been designed to offer a variety of specific categories right from the start, such as Genes and Proteins, Chemicals or Languages, relevant in many areas of international patent research. Direct links are also provided to third party resources such as the National Institution of Biological Information or Wikipedia.  The new PatBase Thesaurus option makes it easier to delve more deeply into a patent or technology subject search and critically, it helps locate the correct search terms.  PatBase Thesaurus has been designed to help patent researchers control how narrow or broad their ultimate search should be.