Press release

Continuing with their unremitting development of PatBase, Minesoft further enhance the patent family database – produced in partnership with RWS Group, with the addition of the intuitive Citation Explorer.

PatBase Citation Explorer delivers a unique, highly sought-after tool to patent information and legal professionals. It simplifies the often complex task of examining patent citation information. Frequently a challenge due to sheer volumes, identifying relevant patents is made easier with an uncomplicated interface, tooltips aiding navigation, and filtering options to hone in on pertinent material. Sifting through hundreds of patent citations is no longer a tedious, fruitless task.

Detailed inspections of citation data using Citation Explorer is straight-forward with an option to display information side-by-side providing easy comparisons of Claims or Drawings, for example. Visual tools such as graphical views, a timeline and a tree view assist with evaluating patent citations. The most cited/citing patents and patterns within these citings are unmistakably evident. Users benefit from a citation log, as well as a flagging system and a notes tool making managing your citations and sharing your findings simple.

The launch of Citation Explorer follows on from Minesoft’s recent product launch of CiteTracker, an automated citation monitoring tool, and Business Development Manager, Olivier Huc’s (above) presentation about the hidden value of citations at the II-SDV conference in Nice in April 2015.

Minesoft’s focus on citations is in line with current business trends which show citations are increasingly being used, for competitor intelligence and business information, to measure the value of a patent portfolio, monitor competitor’s activities and identify potential licensing opportunities

Robert Poolman, Innovation and Consulting at Minesoft commented, “Citation Explorer is an exciting, new development – a well thought out tool and a great addition to both PatBase and Minesoft’s growing portfolio of products. It demonstrates Minesoft’s responsiveness to client demand and their awareness of attitudes in the business world.”