Sony Files Patent For New AI-Powered DualSense PS5 Controller

Sony Files Patent For New AI-Powered DualSense PS5 Controller

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, Sony appears to be gearing up for a ground-breaking upgrade to its PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense. 

A recent patent filed by Sony suggests that they are developing a new version of the DualSense that could revolutionise the gaming experience by integrating a host of innovative features. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the new controller would provide live gameplay hints and tips to players by analysing their inputs.


  • The newly-emerging patented controller and its design focus on assisting players via machine learning, integrating a touch screen and light-up buttons to direct players through their gaming experience.
  • This would provide gamers with enhanced interactivity features, as well as improved accessibility to help make games as enjoyable as possible for all.
  • The new patent doesn’t indicate that the new DualSense controller will be commercialised, however, it does show that Sony are invested in making PlayStation Gaming more accessible wherever possible.

Sony’s New AI-Powered DualSense Patent Breakdown

The patent reveals that Sony’s experimental gamepad could introduce a predictive artificial intelligence assistance system, leveraging AI and machine learning to monitor players’ performance. When the system detects that a player may need guidance, it illuminates the controller in the following areas in an attempt to suggest the next course of action to players:

  • Action Buttons
  • Directional buttons
  • Shoulder Triggers
  • Analog sticks

This forward-thinking approach aims to enhance accessibility and provide gamers with a more immersive experience, whilst ensuring that PlayStation games can be enjoyed by all.

While the concept of lighting up buttons for guidance is not entirely new, the use of AI to enhance the gaming experience is a novel and exciting direction for the industry.

Sony and Patent Applications

Before gamers get too excited about learning of this patent application, it’s important to remember that Sony is one of the most prolific consumer electronics companies in the world. Like Apple, they apply for patents continuously in order to gain a competitive advantage and protect their innovations.

In 2022 alone, Sony applied for over 1,400 patents. The majority of these patents won’t be seen by gaming fans in any context – they are simply filed to protect intellectual property as part of Sony’s research and development IP strategy.

Patents are strangers to filing patents for the DualSense controller either. In recent years, they have gained patent protection for controllers that store and charge earphones, as well as a controller that changes temperature depending on in-game experiences.

What Impact Would This New AI-Powered DualSense Controller Have on the Industry?

If this innovative DualSense 2 sees the light of day and is sold in stores, it could redefine how gamers interact with their consoles. Developers might explore new avenues for in-game guidance, and players could enjoy a more intuitive and immersive gaming experience.

Should the controller reach the stores, the new patent also ensures that PlayStation games are among the most accessible on the market, allowing players of all ages, individuals with disabilities, and people with different medical conditions to enjoy the same fun experiences as all other gamers.

How has the DualSense Controller Evolved in Recent Years?

Released in late 2020 alongside the PlayStation 5, the DualSense controller already brought significant improvements over its predecessor. With haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a shift to USB-C, it set a new standard for console controllers. Now, the prospect of DualSense 2 hints at Sony’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming technology, integrating AI and machine learning to take experiences to the next level.

Final Takeaways

Sony’s recent patent filing for the potential DualSense 2 controller showcases the company’s commitment to advancing gaming technology. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as highlighted in the patent, suggests a promising future for a more interactive and accessible gaming experience. 

While the patent filing doesn’t guarantee commercialisation, it reflects Sony’s ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of innovation in the gaming industry. If the DualSense 2 comes to fruition, it could redefine how gamers interact with their consoles, offering a more intuitive and immersive gaming experience for players of all ages and abilities. 

As gaming enthusiasts anticipate the next evolution of the DualSense controller, Sony continues to demonstrate its dedication to shaping the future of gaming technology.

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