St. Patrick’s Day patents

St. Patrick’s Day patents 

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular cultural celebration that takes place every year on the 17th of March. It is a day to honour the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, and is widely celebrated around the world. But did you know that there are several patents related to St. Patrick’s Day? Whatever your plans are for this St Patrick’s Day, it’s worth taking a look at some of the patents related to this festive holiday. From green beer to shamrock-shaped glasses, there are plenty of interesting inventions that have been patented over the years. 

One of the most iconic images associated with St. Patrick’s Day is that of green beer. While it’s easy to add green food colouring to any beer, there is a patented invention that makes the process even easier. The Green Beer Keg Tap was patented in 1991 by Robert J. Johnson, and it allows bartenders to easily add green food colouring to beer as it’s being poured. The tap is equipped with a small container that holds the food colouring, and the beer passes through it as it is dispensed. 

Another popular St. Patrick’s Day tradition is wearing green clothing and accessories. In 1993, a patent was granted for “Eyeglasses with clover.” The patent describes a pair of sunglasses with a shamrock-shaped frame that can be used as a costume accessory or for daily wear. 

image patent clover sunglasses

Image from patent: Eyeglasses with clover (USD335678 S1). 

In addition to green beer and shamrock sunglasses, there are also patents for St. Patrick’s Day decorations. For example, a patent was granted in 2006 for an “Illuminating Necklace.” The patent describes a necklace with ornamental lamp fixtures that can be in the shape of shamrocks, hearts, pumpkins, or other desired forms, perfect for adding some festive flair to any St. Patrick’s Day outfit. 

image st Patrick's day patent

Image from patent: Illuminating necklace (US2006044788 AA). 

While St. Patrick’s Day may not seem like a particularly innovative holiday, there are several patents related to its celebration. From the Green Beer Keg Tap to Shamrock shaped accessories, these inventions and traditions have become beloved parts of the holiday’s festivities. So, whether you’re enjoying a pint of green beer or donning your festive attire, you can thank these inventors for their contributions to St. Patrick’s Day. 

The patent drawings in this blog post were sourced from PatBase, the industry-leading online patent database. Patents are key documents that can help identify new areas of innovation, licensing, and partnership opportunities, and gain an understanding of competitors’ R&D activity. Minesoft’s suite of global patent information solutions support IP and R&D teams globally, helping them to harness the power of patent data and make informed strategic decisions. Contact us today to discuss which solution would best fit your needs! 

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